Frequently Asked Questions

EasyA is an app that provides students with instant, on-demand GCSE maths help. Simply snap a picture of your question and you’ll be connected with one of our super tutors in under 60 seconds. Once connected, you can ask any additional questions you need to make sure you really understand the topic.

All tutors on EasyA are current students (Bachelor’s, Masters and PhDs) or graduates from Oxford and Cambridge University. We’ve got world-class biotechnologists, physicists and epidemiologists, you name it! We’ve selected the best of the best so that students can learn with confidence. On top of this, EasyA’s rigorous interview process ensures all tutors have the skills necessary to teach simply and effectively. We interview and test all tutors rigorously for their number-crunching and teaching powers. After all this, we train them further in the art of EasyA super ninja teaching.

EasyA was founded by two former Cambridge University students and tutors who have first hand experience of how hasslesome traditional tutoring can be. Finding a good tutor, scheduling sessions and then finding a time when both student and tutor can meet are all incredibly time-consuming. Once (and if!) you manage to schedule a session, it’s often too late: the student’s either forgotten the question, handed in the assignment or taken the exam! And not to mention the high price of tutoring sessions, which average £40.50/hr in London, means that regular sessions are not realistic for many. EasyA brings tutoring into the 21st Century by giving all of its students unlimited access to the brightest minds on this planet at the snap of a photo. So they can get the help they need, when they need it. It’s everything that traditional tutoring isn’t: Fast. Hassle-free. And cost-effective.

It’s as easy as 3 simple steps! Simply snap a photo of your question. We connect you with a super tutor in under 60 seconds. Then work with the super tutor to solve the problem - right in the app.

Yes! Our mobile app is now available to download on iOS and Android.

We tutor Maths at GCSE-level.

Yes, you heard that right! We don’t set limits on the number of questions students can ask or how long they can spend talking to a tutor. We believe students learn best when they can ask questions freely, without having to worry about the time taken. So you can take it slow and focus on really understanding the material.

All tutoring takes place through our mobile app, so you can ask questions from wherever you want. Your bedroom, the school bus, or even on holiday in Thailand!

Safety is at the core of EasyA’s teaching philosophy. Tutors are never given students’ full names. Tutors only see their student’s first name so students get the authentic experience of a personal tutor. We periodically review lessons for quality control and to ensure tutors are held to the highest standards. Should we suspect that a tutor has fallen foul of our rules, they will be reported and banned as necessary.

Simply download the app on iOS or Android. Sign-up in under 5 seconds. Subscribe. Then ask all the questions you want! Simple, isn't it?