The EasyA Mentorship Programme

A child from a disadvantaged background is often 18 months behind when they take their GCSEs, and after lockdown this education gap has likely increased even further. The EasyA mentorship programme is designed to help students decrease this gap and set them up for success. By connecting student mentees with student mentors at the snap of a photo, we aim to make access to high-quality education accessible for all students.

Thank you for helping your community. Here’s what mentors will learn.

Teaching skills

Teaching skills

Mentors will learn key skills, such as how to teach students from a variety of different backgrounds effectively. Many mentees will have been taught using different methods, so being an effective mentor will require adapting quickly and picking up new ways of teaching topics.

Helping out without stressing out

Helping out without stressing out

All mentoring occurs online, so mentors and mentees never need to travel to meet each other in person. All learning happens in the app via messaging, photos, and our virtual classroom technology.

Giving back

Giving back

During the current pandemic, the traditional ecosystem of volunteering has changed and opportunities to help out have become more difficult to find. By using technology to connect mentors with mentees, mentors will be able to give back in a fun and safe environment.

How mentors will get started.


Parental consent
(~5 min)

Mentors’ parents will submit their parental consent.


(~120 min)

Mentors will be given safeguarding and teaching training.


General setup
(~60 min)

After completing training, mentors will be given access to the app.



Mentors will sign up to teach at fixed time slots each week.

Does your child want to be a mentor?

If your child wants to be a mentor and has already been contacted by their school, please click the button below to fill in the required parental consent form.

Child Expert


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