How are EasyA's super tutors selected?

In addition to having the most rigorous mathematical backgrounds, all of our tutors undergo extensive training in our proprietary teaching pedagogy, designed by a former educational researcher at Cambridge University.

About Intro

Talented mathematicians who love the subject. And love teaching it even more.

Rigorous selection process

Rigorous selection process

We only select the most qualified and talented tutors, so that no question goes unsolved. Each tutor is interviewed face-to-face, tested extensively for both teaching and mathematical ability and trained rigorously in our teaching approach.

Intensive training

Intensive training

We train all of our tutors in our proprietary teaching pedagogy, crafted by leading educators from Cambridge University. Our tutors are trained to ensure students learn independently, without giving them the answer.

Feedback at every step

Feedback at every step

We give our tutors constant feedback so that they always improve. Each session is graded by the student and then our team. Parents can also review all past sessions and report anything they think our tutors can do better.

We hire less than 1% of applicants.


Initial screening
(~45 min)

We review each applicant’s academic background and teaching experience in detail.


(~60 min)

Selected applicants must score 100% on both our maths and teaching ability tests.


Mock session
(~60 min)

We simulate actual teaching conditions to ensure that all tutors can explain concepts effectively.



Successful applicants are trained in EasyA’s proprietary teaching pedagogy. Once on board, tutors receive constant feedback so they get even better over time.

Passionate mathematicians

Last summer, Ben worked as a Quantum Technology Research Assistant at Oxford, where he worked on the refactorisation of large semiprime numbers using quantum simulation! Sounds pretty complicated, but he certainly enjoyed doing the work!



Physics, Oxford University.