How do you become an EasyA genius?

Help students across the country succeed. If you want to have an unparalleled impact on thousands of students in your spare time, you’re in the right place. Join the hundreds of other tutors already making a huge difference on younger students’ lives.

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A truly unique opportunity.

Unparalleled impact

Unparalleled impact

Unlike in-person tutoring, with EasyA you can teach 1,000s of students, right from your smartphone. Not only that, but EasyA tutors also help students improve their attainment by a massive 0.5-1 grade on average. So you know you’re making a huge difference in young people’s lives.

Ultimate flexibility

Ultimate flexibility

Forget scheduling time slots and rigid timetables. Teach when YOU want. Simply go online when you want to do a bit of good, and go offline when you’re busy - simple as that! Too busy? No problem. Have some spare time? Spend it helping out!

Brilliant community

Brilliant community

It’s not just school students that benefit - you do, too! Get to meet the other amazing tutors all making a difference with EasyA and network with them at exclusive events! Oh, and obviously you’ll get certificates, stash, invitations to exclusive events and much more!

Having an impact has never been easier.


Sign up via form
(1 min)

Let us know what subject(s) you’re studying, and whether you’d like to be an ambassador.


Select a time for training
(~1 min)

Choose when works best for you - no travelling required.


Live training
(~30 min)

We show you how to use the platform, how to teach, and answer your questions.


Go live

Once you’ve completed training, you’ll be set up on the app and invited to join our community.

Hear what current tutors are saying

Hear what current tutors are saying

As a busy student on top of work, societies and everything else I don’t really have time to do much formal volunteering, which is a shame because I really want to give back.With EasyA, it’s literally so simple for me to help out when I’m free for 15 mins here and there.


Physics, Oxford University.


Want to become one of our geniuses?

If you want to have an impact on 1,000s of students and have a strong STEM background, we’d love to hear from you.

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