EasyA’s revolutionary approach to teaching.

EasyA tutoring is centered around 3 basic principles

  • Learning, not cheating

    Learning, not cheating

    EasyA's Oxbridge tutors guide students through their questions, encouraging them to find the answer independently.

  • Ask questions

    Ask questions

    Our Oxbridge tutors constantly ask questions to engage students and ensure they understand every step of the explanation.

  • Text-based


    Asking questions face-to-face can be intimidating. Our students get help via instant messaging, so they can ask questions in confidence.

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Our research

Behind EasyA’s innovative technology lies a groundbreaking new approach to teaching mathematics. Pioneered by Dr. Parastoo Ghalamchi, a former educational researcher at Cambridge University, EasyA’s teaching philosophy combines the theory of Mikhail Bakhtin’s Dialogism with Stephen Brown and Marion Walter’s Art of Problem Posing.

This approach encourages problem solving through the art of problem posing, whereby Oxbridge tutors and students interact in a constant dialogue. EasyA’s message-based approach to tutoring encourages students to ask all their questions confidently, in the format with which they feel most comfortable. The result is a rigorous and stimulating intellectual dialogue between student and tutor, allowing the tutor to constantly gauge the student’s level of understanding.

As a result, EasyA provides students with an extremely tailored learning experience, that allows students to go as fast or slow as they need. Because there’s no limit to session length, students can learn completely at their own pace, unconstrained by time. After all, we believe the most effective learning happens organically.

All EasyA's Oxbridge tutors are trained extensively in our proprietary teaching pedagogy and each session is reviewed message by message in order to ensure that students always receive the best learning experience possible. Each session is graded for characteristics including “collaboration”, “creativity” and “clarity”, allowing all Oxbridge tutors to receive constant feedback. The result is a constantly improving team of highly-skilled educators. All at your child's fingertips.

With EasyA, students become much more competent and confident mathematicians.


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