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Biggest life hack.

Being able to get rewarded for helping out is game-changing. I've never been able to earn for helping other people before, so this has been incredible for me personally.


second year studentUCL

It helps me when no one else can.

My friends never study so I don’t have anyone to help me at home with my work. EasyA has been a great help and I am finally getting better at it!


year 11 studentWestminster, London


I can't do a regular job while I'm studying because I can't commit to a normal 9-5, so this has been a lifeline to earn here and there for little expenses!


second year studentCambridge University

An absolute game-changer!

Being able to ask questions and get help anytime is something I could only have dreamt of before I downloaded EasyA.


first year studentCambridge University


My professors are useless at explaining. So this is a life-saver.


final year studentManchester University

I first heard about EasyA from a friend and now all of my friends use it too. It means I can earn on top of my studies whilst also feeling good about it.


first year PhD studentUCL

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