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Absolutely love it!

EasyA's tutors work incredibly. They give very clear advice without giving too much away. I love the concept. I will definitely be recommending the app to my students. £99 a month is such a reasonable price, because I charge £30 a week for a one hour session. With the constant access to tutors it's a no-brainer to pay the £99 because it's cheaper and actually a better service.

— Charlotte

Secondary school teacherBury, Pulborough

An absolute winner

Having access to a tutor on-demand is an absolute winner. Before EasyA I had never heard of anything like it before. I spent hours self-tutoring my son for the 11+, researching the syllabus and re-learning the maths. With EasyA, I would easily have saved 50+ hours.

— Richard

year 10 dadFulham, london

Thank you so much! After a couple of sessions on the app I think I'm already a maths wizard.

— Hannah

year 10 studentCamden, london

The future of education

Parents are happy to pay for a traditional tutor even thought they have no idea in hell what's actually happening. EasyA sets a higher bar, since the student is coming with the problem, and it actually gets solved. What EasyA is offering is what the future of teaching is moving towards.

— Thomas

year 10 parentHampstead, london

Finally some research-based learning!

Read the whitepaper. Finally some research-based learning rather than just randomly taking students down different routes. EdTech has been marred by 30 years of technologists promising change and it never coming. This is a game-changer.

— Ollie

Former TeacherCamden, London

The parent portal is amazing!

I love being able to see my son's progress each day without having to ask him or wait for the school to tell me.

— Nicky

year 12 mumWestminster, london

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