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An absolute winner

Having access to a tutor on-demand is an absolute winner. Before EasyA I had never heard of anything like it before. I spent hours self-tutoring my son for the 11+, researching the syllabus and re-learning the maths. With EasyA, I would easily have saved 50+ hours.


year 10 dadFulham, london

A real time-saver!

EasyA really is the way forward, and a great use of technology. Having been the “taxi driver” taking both of my children to tutors’ homes, the time saved as a parent - as well as the ability to monitor progress - are both very valuable to me. This is just such an obvious direction for the education world - amazing to take part in this revolution.


Father of twoWeybridge, Surrey

The future of education

Parents are happy to pay for a traditional tutor even though they have no idea in hell what's actually happening. EasyA sets a higher bar, since the student is coming with the problem, and it actually gets solved. What EasyA is offering is what the future of teaching is moving towards.


year 10 parentHampstead, london

Extremely impressive!

EasyA is a fantastic resource. We found the app very easy to use, and super-helpful. I was very impressed with the tutor who helped us: he was very quick to build rapport with my child, and explained everything with clarity and empathy. We are delighted to be able to use EasyA and I know it will help my child at school.


year 10 mumCambridge


My daughter India just used EasyA for two Manchester Grammar School questions and her tutor (Izzy) was brilliant. Only thing I would say is that Izzy was going to use simultaneous equations. But India immediately told Izzy she was doing 11+ and then she changed the method. Really good! I'm almost hoping India gets more wrong so she can ask again!


Year 5 mumManchester

My son’s studying for his 11+ exams and this great app helps him study maths. He really loves it because he gets help straight away whenever he needs it (and I don't end up feeling dumb because I can't help him)!


Year 5 mumMuswell Hill, London

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